The Decision Practice creates value by focusing on culture.

It's often said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." Why? Because culture is something we do, rather than something we think about. So it's largely unconscious. This makes it a powerful force - but one which is difficult to control.

Behavioural Science teaches us that the vast majority of our daily decisions are made without much conscious thought - we simply don't have the bandwidth in our brains for it to be any other way. But by designing the cues which influence those decisions - our physical environment, our rituals, our systems and structures - we can effectively design a group's culture.

So that's what we do. We harness the power of your culture for the good of your business and the people working in it.


How we work

We talk not just to the leaders but to staff at every level. We seek to understand their aspirations, but also to unearth the reality of their culture today - the assumptions and expectations which drive decisions in practice.  From here, we build towards the aspirations, defining values, championing existing behaviours which already underpin them, and designing rituals, systems, structures and environments that enable the values to thrive. We also continually measure the impact of this on both cultural health and business performance.


Understanding the value of culture

If the levers of culture are rituals, systems, structures and environments, the symptoms are an engaged, enabled and energised workforce. Taken together, these factors not only reduce stress and promote well-being; they also correlate strongly with profitable business performance. Our Cultural Healthcheck gauges your culture against these criteria, monitoring progress over time.


An engaged workforce is the goal of every people-oriented business. To be engaged, people need to feel valued; and they need to feel they belong. Your culture is their culture - you all live it together, in ways that either support or break your stated values. So it's not enough to tell people what those values are, to set goals and write policies for them. Instead, we involve your people in defining and then activating their culture. We help them design the rituals and systems which will support it; and we help you measure the impact and feed this back so that successes are championed and new ideas encouraged. 


No-one can be expected to excel at their job if they are not equipped to do so. It's hard to thrive without clear roles and responsibilities, supportive managers, the right tools for the job and a working environment that promotes productivity. Colleague relationships are particularly critical - both within and across teams. We measure all of the above and identify where there's work to be done. We believe in continuous improvement and help you devise small changes to rituals, systems & the working environment which can yield significant results for both productivity & the well-being of your people. 


One of the biggest issues facing employers and employees alike is the absence of natural downtime. Open plan offices and always-on technologies combine to generate stress and hamper performance. Commercial and time pressures only exacerbate these challenges to employee resilience. Productivity, as well as employee well-being, suffers as a result. We have conducted original research in this area and will help you identify bespoke Energy Management solutions that mitigate these effects, building your culture without compromising your business needs.